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Do You Need More Money?

Do You Need More Money



Tired of Working for the Other Guy?

Not Enough Money to Retire?

More Time than Money?

Work from home
Earn 50 to 120 thousand

Join the billion dollar beauty industry.  Learn to use the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System to earn up to $105.00 per hour helping the hair stylists and barbers in your area. 

Earn more selling the popular Musashi Shear.

The Six Figure Sharpener


Earn $98 Thousand

Sell Musashi Shears in your area.   Earn additional money Collecting  dull shears and mailing them to the Diamond Rose Service Center to collect your fee.

Spend your time selling and earning an above average income.

Perfect set of Hair Cutting Shears
MR22 7.5 Handle View


200 Thousand
Working on the sales for your client company

Join American Hope Success helping the business owners in your area find more success.

We provide training, sales material and ongoing home office support as you build a career as a sought-after consultant.

Build your business.

Business consulting


400 Thousand
Business meeting

Build a consulting business with the American Hope Success complete business startup package.

Training, sample forms, products and services plus our proprietary secret formula for you business client’s exit strategy. Build a consulting business.

The Phoenix Success Strategy

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