Solutions for Unemployment

Oh Happy Day!  It is here at last –  “Real Hope for the Unemployed”. Seventeen experts have given their best to bring hope and help to the millions of people who remain unemployed.  Today is launch day for “Real Hope for the Unemployed”.  Get your copy today for only $.99 cents (Kindle Version).  The paperback edition is available for ten … Read More

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Real Hope for Business Success

We are preparing to start on the next book in our bestselling “Real Hope” series.  a select group of industry experts will be invited to cooperate in this exciting anthology.  Business failures still range in the 70% to 80% range in the first few years of existence.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that most of the … Read More

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Mind your business

Build a better life by taking care of business.  Many employees are in business without realizing it.  Learn the skills you need to make it grow Are you operating a business without knowing it?  Dumb question right?  If you had a business, of course you would know about it.  Maybe not – let’s take a hair stylist as an example.  … Read More

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An Entrepreneur – The word has a nearly mystical feel to it. Many people think that entrepreneurs are born not made. I contend that we are all entrepreneurs. I believe that within each of us is an entrepreneur trying to express himself. There is a unique connection between the idea of an artist and the idea of an entrepreneur.   … Read More


Is Business Success a Secret?

Success in business seems to be a very well-kept secret, at least to most people.  Why else would 80% of all new business startups fail in the first three to five years?  Recently I was working on our soon-to-be-published anthology “Real Hope for the Unemployed.”  In the final chapter I was making the point that the only real hope for … Read More

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