How To Start a Home-Based Business Consulting Firm

Learn How to Earn a Six Figure Income
Working from Home

Watch the video to discover how you can earn $200,000 or more working from your home office.

We can provide you with a complete start-up package and products and services to offer the business owners in your town or city.

Build your career helping business owners excel!


Helping Other People Excel

Our complete Business Package includes Four complete training programs.

  1. How to set up and operate your home based business. Valued at $3,450.00
  2. Financial Analysis and Strategy. Valued at $2,995.00
  3. Success Squared Marketing. Valued at $3,995.00
  4. How to Buy and Sell Businesses. Valued at $4,795.00.


    Total value of $15,235.00 or the $100,000 typical cost of purchasing a franchise  (Buy Now Only $11,995.00)

Financial Analysis & Strategy

How to Understand your financial statement

Build your Consulting Business Around helping business owners understand and control their cash flow.

Purchase our complete "Financial Analysis & Strategy Package - Sell the "Financial Wellness Report" and your consulting services for business growth.

Success Squared Marketing

Tell Your Story

How to Buy and Sell Businesses

How to Create Xtreme Wealth

The perfect book for buying and selling businesses as a lucrative alternative to “flipping” houses.

It makes a great study guide for helping your client sell their business for a premium.

What can you expect to earn as a business consultant?

The average independent business consultant earns between $90,000 and $120,000 annually.  Like any other occupation or business venture the majority earn the average.  We will show you how to elevate your earnings to the top of the field!

A career as a marketing consultant can be both challenging and rewarding. To be successful in the field, you must be comfortable with strategic planning, management, developing internal and external communications campaigns, and the digital side of marketing. Pay for marketing consultants can vary greatly and depends on a few factors, including industry, location, experience, and demonstratable skills.

Consulting fees can range anywhere from $20 an hour to $200 (or more) an hour depending on experience, the company you’re working with and your knowledge of it, industry, location, and other factors. A reasonable way to determine your hourly rate is to use an “hours worked in the year” formula: Desired Salary ÷ Number of Hours Worked Per Year = Hourly Rate.

If you assume you’ll be working more or less full time with a couple of weeks off, you will end up with 40 hours a week for 50 weeks, or 2,000 hours per year. From here, it’s a simple matter of plugging in the numbers. Let’s say you made $75,000 when you last worked full time, or you just believe you are worth $75,000 based on experience and what you have to offer. In that case, the formula would like this: $75,000 ÷ 2,000 hours = $37.50/hour.

Clients may also wish to pay you per project. If you’re unsure how much to charge per project, then it’s a good idea to start by settling on your hourly rate, determining the number of hours you’ll need to commit, and then multiplying that time by your hourly rate. 

Our strategy focuses on helping the business owner overcome the ten top reasons for failure.  The more you help your clients earn, the more you can earn.  The frosting on the business consulting career is helping with exit strategies.  Watch the video above for and explanation of how to earn more than $200,000 per year helping business owners get a premium for their business.


Business Consulting Affiliate

As an affiliate of American Hope Success you have access to all our products and services.  We will provide you with a training manual and training videos to give you the expertise you need to serve your clients.

Of course you will also receive home office support and advice for your new career.

Each of our products and services is designed to help the business owner in your community achieve more success and avoid becoming one of the 70% to 80% of start-ups that fail in the first ten years. 

Start your relationship the the individual business owner providing a “Financial Wellness Report”  the financial wellness report provides a clear picture of the well-being of the company and alerts the owner of potential issues before they become irreversible.

This report give you a tool to guide the business owner in the selection of other growth programs we have that can increase both the gross revenue as well as the bottom line.

The real key here is your ability to offer your services to the business owner that avoids “letting the cat out of the bag” in the event the owner wants to sell.

If an owner’s desire to sell leaks to the employees, public or competitors it can have a severely detrimental impact on the business.

The major struggle of your competitors in the M&A field or business broker is trying to market the business in secrecy.

We have solved that problem and also the problem of selling for less than the “real” value of the business.