How to Cure Chronic Pain

Dr. David Hanscom

Spine Surgeon and author of

Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain

Watch the video to discover simple lifestyle changes that can dissolve chronic pain in your life.

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Do You Really Need Spine Surgery? Take Control With a Surgeon's Advice

Do You Really Need Spine Surgery

Dr. David Hanscom is an orthopedic complex spinal deformities surgeon who was based in Seattle Washington. After 35 years, he quit practicing and is on a mission to re-introduced true healing into medicine. Now, based in the San Francisco bay area, he wants the public to know  that most spine surgeries should never happen – that they create further problems including more pain. He developed a method, the DOC Journey ( direct your own care) that’s helped countless people from around the world go pain free. Watch him explain it in this video.

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Four stressors to drop from your life if you suffer from chronic pain

  1. Bad relationships
  2. Technology
  3. Medical “research”
  4. Substance

Be sure to watch the video to find out what Dr. Campbell is talking about when he says you should give up bad relationships, technology, medical research, and substances.

The Language of Pain