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When asked what we should do in the wake of the Coronavirus nearly bring our economy to a halt, Edward Beirnat, a renowned International business consultant said. “Band together, sell your products and services online, and give people the value they can use to solve their financial needs,”

This is exactly what we are doing on!

On approval, you can post your products and services on our website.  Save the money, time and stress of building out a website to promote your wares.  We are doing it for you.

Over the past fifteen years we have seen the power of video and joint effort in growing organic traffic for a website.  World Hope Media intends to interview people who have ideas and strategies for prospering in business post Coronavirus.  You can do three things:

1. Post your products/services at no charge on  As your products/services sell, pay us a 10% fee for items sold.

2. Appear on American Hope Talk Radio to share your ideas and help for others struggling with the after effects of the pandemic we experienced

3. Receive a 50% discount on a marketing video promoting your products/services.  Regular price is $995.00 for a twenty minute “Edumercial” for use on your page, your outside website if you have one and all your social media outlets.  We will post it on World Hope Media, American Hope Radio and our YouTube channel.


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