Hope is a wonderful thing.  If you have hope, anything is possible!  On the other hand if you lose hope, the only alternative you can see is to give up.

Please don’t give up.  The only real failure is when you get knocked down, and you will get knocked down from time to time, is if you fail to get back up!

That means the answer to success is always get back up.  Never let a setback defeat you.  Learn from your mistake and turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Is it easy to get back up?  Not usually.  Being knocked down implies pain and suffering.  And then, it is not just the pain and suffering, it is the embarrassment.  How could you let that happen?  When you are lying flat on your back in the muck and mire of the situation, it seems that everyone is looking down on you.  Although that may be the case, please understand that many of the people you perceive to be looking down on you are actually looking for a way they can extend a helping hand.

Most of us have had the “looking up from the muck and mire” experience.  And most people who have been in the same or similar experience are compassionate and looking for ways to help you.  Perhaps it is just letting you know they understand.  Perhaps it is a quick story about how I got back up when life knocked me down.  It really does not take a lot to give people hope.

May I say it again?  “If you have hope, anything is possible!”  What are you hoping for today?  It is possible – just believe it and go after it!  Do not listen to the naysayers.  Do not let other people in the pit of defeat hold you down.  Do not give up your hope.  It is hope that will pull you through the challenge you are facing today.

Start with hope for your future and begin building in your mind a vision of how you want your life to be.  Write it down in great detail.  Address every aspect of your dream life.  Where do you want to live?  What do you want to drive?  How do you want your family relationships to be?  What do you want to do with your time?  How much money do you want in the bank?  What charities do you want to support?  Write it all down.  When you have it written down go through and divide it up into categories – financial, physical, relations with family, career and retirement.

When you have the categories separated, list each item in order of importance or natural sequence.  For example if you are out of work, getting a job will come ahead of building your bank account.  I think you can see where I am going.  It is a list of goals.  When the goal list is complete then you can move to the action plan.  When your action plan is laid out, then start!

If you want to get it in order and off the ground you should call it a “Plan of Action”.  Planning comes first, action comes second.  They are both absolutely necessary.  Without a plan, you will not know what action to take.  Without action, nothing will be done.  Without action, your hope for a brighter future is nothing more than a daydream.

The difference between dreamers and doers is just that.  Doers do something?  Dreamers can lie on their back in the muck and mire watching the pretty white clouds gently float by dreaming about a better life.  Doers shake the dust off, pick themselves up and start all over again because they have hope.


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