WL Laney is the inventor and patent holder of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System.

While it is not known for certain, Plato the Greek philosopher, is often credited with the proverb:

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

This was certainly true for WL, who at age 59 had literally lost it all and had to start over again.  Time was of the essence! He had to make money beginning immediately, this prohibited him from returning to real estate sales, insurance sales, business sales or consulting as each of these prior occupations required a significant ramp up time before generating cash.

The most logical path was to return to scissors sharpening, a trade WL learned many years earlier while he was traveling as an evangelist for his church.  But that was going to require some time and sacrifice to get started.

In order to raise the money needed for the purchase of a scissors sharpening machine, WL went to a temp agency for work.  The only job they had available was for a “Mr. Peanut” to hand out bags of peanuts at the grand opening of a WalMart.  Fortunately the costume had a face mask that hid his identity.  From there he made a trip to the local pawn shop and had a yard sale to raise the money to buy a scissors sharpening machine.

It was a banner day when his sharpening machine arrived.  There was a great need for sharpening services in his neighborhood.  All that was required now was to drive up and down the street calling on beauty salons and barber shops and offering to sharpen their scissors.

Was it easy?  Yes and no.  The money was easy.  The “step down” from his previous position as a business mergers and acquisitions consultant to a “lowly” scissors sharpener was hard on the pride. 

Those first days driving up and down the streets without air-conditioning in the middle of hot Phoenix summer was not picnic.  But work ethic kept him doing it.  Little did WL know that this was the beginning of an exciting journey that would end with the creation of a unique business model that would support not only WL’s retirement but also provide a solution to hundreds of other people nationwide as well!

WL was faced, not just with obtaining a sharpening machine, once he had the standard machine he discovered that most stylists were using a newly designed shear that couldn’t be effectively sharpened using the old technology.

A Japanese scissors manufacturer invented a whole new way to design hair cutting scissors.  This enterprising gentleman solved several problems with his new design for scissors. First: He changed the bevel edge to a smooth convex edge with a hollow ground blade that gave the stylist a cleaner sharper cut. Second: He added an 800mm radius to the blade, a gentle curve from hilt to tip that held the hair in place keeping it from pushing away when the blades were closed.

While this was great for the hair stylist – it made the cutting much easier and faster.  The sharpening machine manufacturers did not keep up with the changes in the scissors blade design.  A flat hone machine was designed to match the convex edge on the newly designed shears.  Nothing was ever done to address the 800 millimeter radius.

As a result, the first time the scissors were sharpened the radius was damaged and after a few sharpenings the radius was completely gone resulting in the hair pushing away from the closing blades no matter how sharp they were.  It was frustrating for the stylist and caused the hair cut to take longer resulting in more fatigue and less money earned at the end of the day.

It was immediately obvious to WL that he would have to design a new solution.  It was unacceptable for him to try to sharpen scissors with antiquated equipment.

The result was amazing – from broke and homeless to the founder of a business that solved the need for a home based business that nearly anyone could operate and earn an above average income. 

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