The Power of Story Telling

The power of storytelling is almost beyond words.  On the other hand, since this is an educational video about the power of storytelling, I should try to find the words.  Perhaps I can find the words in the stories I have heard.

In grade school I learned that before man had the means to write he told stories.  The history and knowledge of man was passed down from one generation to the next.   And then about five thousand years ago the Sumerians are believed to be the first to put language, the spoken word, into writing.

What followed were scrolls and finally books. But about 1450AD Johannes Gutenberg invented the Gutenberg press.  His invention made printing of books possible in mass quantities thus enabling the stories previously told or transcribed by hand to be printed for the educated and rich to read.

Today, we publish about a million new books every year and have the internet with more than 634 million websites posted.  In 2012 it was estimated that 144 billion emails were sent on the average day.

Think of an email as a short story. Story telling is bigger than ever even with all our modern technology.


Here is my question to you.  Are you telling your story? Your story could be worth millions of dollars.

J.K. Rowling, banked a jaw-dropping $300 million over the course of one year. I want to focus on writing a bestselling novel, I want to focus on you and your story.

Brendon Bruchard turned the story of his involvement in an auto accident into a multimillion dollar business. One of my favorite story tellers is Nicholas Vujicic (Voy Chich). A preacher/motivational speaker with tetra-amelia syndrome. He was born with no limbs – no arms, no legs.

Then there is Joni Errickson-Tada who tells her story from a wheel chair about how she learned to be an artist painting with the paintbrush between her teeth.

What is your story?  Are you telling it is such a way that people want to listen to what you have to say?

Let’s go back to Brendon Bruchard for a moment.  Lots of people have had car accidents, but not many have turned it into a $million dollar business.  I believe the difference is in reaction. Brendon tells how he survived the accident and his thoughts immediately after the crash as he stood on the hood of the car looking up at a full moon while his blood was pooling at his feet and asked three questions.

  1. Have I lived?
  2. Have I loved?
  3. Have I Mattered?

What are you doing with your story?

I would like to help you tell your story in a way that will move you from a hobbyist writer to a professional writer.

Join me in Real Hope Success Strategies!


Here is how;

  1. Select your story –  if you don’ t have your own, you can build around someone else you admire with a captivating story.
    1.  What are the major points of your story?

b.     What happened?

c.     What obstacles did you had to overcome?

d.    How did you overcome them?

e.    What principles did you learn to utilize on your way out?

f.    How did you make application?

g.   How can I learn and grow from your experience?


  1. Develop your follow-up products and services
    1. Video Training Series
    2. Workshops
    3. Coaching
    4. Consulting
  2. Tell your story –
    1. Write a book
    2. Start a Blog
  3. Promote your results
    1. Managed Media Marketing

i.      Website SEO

ii.      Social Media Marketing

iii.      Radio and TV Interviews

iv.      Speaking Engagements

If you will join me on our current “Bestselling” Anthology, we will walk you through a good portion of this whole process.   We will coach you through the story development process.

  1. We will interview you on American Hope Talk Radio
  2. Make a podcast of your interview (CD)
  3. Transcribe your interview
  4. Publish your 100 page book (Amazon)
  5. Make a promotional video (DVD)

We will interview you on American Hope Talk Radio.

Make Podcast of your interview

Transcribe your interview for your chapter in our “bestselling” Anthology

Publish your written 100 page book.

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