Real Hope For The Unemployed


“Whether you want to become an indispensable employee or open your own business we are all, at heart, entrepreneurs. The life altering decision you have to make is: Will you or won’t you embrace this fact?” WL Laney
It isn’t a stress free time to be unemployed. There is no one answer to the complex problem of unemployment. There is not a simple, 7 step process to finding a new job nor an easy path to opening a business. We took a deeply personal look at the challenges faced by the millions of people who are out of work today. The idea for this book grew out of our desire to help and provide hope. Like we say at American Hope Radio, the word Hope stands for Helping Other People Excel.
We pray that within these pages, you will discover a few nuggets, ideas and perhaps a new direction to take that will inspire you to embrace your inner entrepreneur and help lead you out of the grasp of unemployment or underemployment.


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