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Seven Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Based Business

These Seven Reasons are just a starting point. You may have a dozen other reasons why a home based business is best for you

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Less Risk – Starting your business in your home has much less risk than signing leases, paying utility deposits and many other expenses related to opening in an office building downtown.

Tax Advantages – There are many tax advantages such as writing off a percentage of your home costs as a business expense. Work with a creative tax advisor – get all the benefit you can without risking “tax evasion.”
Flexible Hours – Please remember “flexible hours” does not mean you don’t have to go to work, you just save the commute time and the expense of travel to and from your office.
Less Overhead – You will save a lot of dollars on rent, utilities, cleaning and other similar expenses you are all ready paying for your home and will continue to have even if you open an office in a commercial area. Be sure to check with zoning regulations and potential home owner limitations before you bring employees to your “home office.”
Scale Up or Down Easily – It is hard to scale down or even close an office you have signed a lease on.
Increased Productivity – You will rarely have “drop-in” interruptions in your home base office. Other things you don’t normally thing of is interruptions from neighboring businesses. I once had an office in a high rise that also housed the offices of one of our local radio stations. One of their staff routinely reported a security threat so she could go home early. It also interrupted our office because we were forced to evacuate until the police gave us the all clear to return to work.
More Money to Your Bottom Line – The bottom line is your personal bank account. Yes, you must keep clear lines between your business and hope expenses, including separate bank accounts. But the money is all yours! Protect it and keep the expense level down.

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