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Make Money - Have Fun Selling Musashi Shears

250,000 Beauty Salons & Barber Shops in the USA
Approximately 1.2 Million Hair-Cutters
Buy One New Pair of Scissors
Per Year!

* No cold calling for leads ("Just go to the salon or barber shop)
* Show your sample(s) and Take the Order
* Premium Quality 30% less than Competition
* Lifetime Warranty
* 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
* Commissions Paid Twice Monthly

Selling premium quality shears with a lifetime warranty a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for 30% less than the competition! What could be easier? The haircutters are in the salons and barbershops on nearly every street corner in your community. All you have to do is show up. The scissors sell themselves. It is kind of like taking a child into the candy store and asking if they want anything! Ask any woman “is it possible to have too many pair of shoes?” Ask any hair stylist “is it possible to have too many pair of scissors?”
Seriously, we have a wide selection of premium quality shears for the professional haircutter to choose from. We have:
  • Styling shears from 4.5 to 7.5 inches in length.
  • Texturizing scissors from 14 to 40 tooth models for coarse, medium and fine blending.
  • We have thumb swivel shears to protect from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • We have Dry Finish Shears (providing the right tool for the job)
  • And, we have left handed models for the lefties.

Musashi Shears will provide you with training and marketing materials as well as home office support.
You choose your level of commitment based on your budget. Get started for as little as $197.00 for our starter package. With it you can focus on the Dry Finish Shear. Cutting hair dry is gaining in popularity because of the many advantages to the stylist cutting a client’s hair dry. Our Musashi MR6 Dry Finish Shear is specifically designed to cut hair dry. This amazing shear makes the stylist’s job easier. The good news for you is the most stylists do not own a dry finish shear. In fact many are unaware that there is a tool designed for cutting hair dry.
It is kind of like fishing at the fish hatchery pond. So many stylists – so much need – such a great product – such a great price – and so little competition!
Call today if you have questions 303-217-8660 or click the link below to get started making an above average income. Don’t forget it is fun calling on this great bunch of people who are waiting for you to bring scissors to their workplace.

How to Earn a Six-Figure Income
Selling Professional Hair Scissors

6 Shear Perfect Set Musashi Shears
Musashi Dry finish display

Dry Finish Starter Package
Approximate retail value of Shear $797.00

Musashi 10 Shear Set

Ten Shear Apprentice Package
Approximate retail value of shears $5,500.00

Musashi 20 shear case with Shears

20 Shear Area Manager Package
Approximate retail value of shears $11,000.00