The real advantage of writing a bestseller!

Conventional wisdom in the non-fiction publishing industry states, that the real money isn’t in the book, rather it’s in the Back-End. Your – products and services.

The 5 step process to follow, suggested by these same industry experts, is simple to understand albeit much more difficult to execute.

  1. Write a book
  2. Develop a “back end”
  3. Promote your book
  4. Sell your back end products
  5. Live happily ever after

Sounds pretty easy, right?  Like most things the devil is in the details.  One author I interviewed recently, had a back end product, had written his book and confessed that after doing dozens of interviews he had sold a total of three books and none of his back end services.  That had to be pretty disappointing.

First you are consumed with a passion to tell your story.  Then you put in the weeks, months or even years of work writing your masterpiece.  Then you wade through the maze of literary agents, PR firms and publishers to get your book printed and ready for you audience. Only too often to suffer the same fate as the author I mentioned above.

I recently contributed a chapter in a book that was destined to become a bestseller, “Ready Aim Inspire”.  When launched, the book made the Amazon bestseller list in four countries making me an “international bestselling author”.  Did I make a bunch of money?  No.  But I did find it easier to book radio interviews; I found people were impressed with my accomplishment and, quite frankly it made me feel good.

My next goal was to create my own anthology “Real Hope for the Unemployed”.  In this book our authors went about doing something positive about the unemployment issue instead of just talking about it.  Together with 16 previous guests from my radio show American Hope Talk Radio we wrote a book filled with hope and help for people looking for work.

Upon launch, “Real Hope for the Unemployed,” immediately became a number one bestseller in three categories in the US, two categories in Canada and one in the UK.  It also was number one in the hottest new releases and number four on the most recommended list.  Now I find even more doors are opening because I am an international number one bestselling author.

Now it is easier to book media interviews.  More people want my books.  More people want my consulting services.  And, it is all because I am a bestselling author.

Am I getting rich on royalties?  Not yet.  Will I?  Maybe.  More important to me is that I am getting my “backend” products and services to more people.  I am earning more money and you can as well.  All you need to do is become a bestselling author; make sure you have a backend product or service to sell and then use your book to promote those products and services.

If you have a product or service to sell, your bestselling book can move you from being an amateur writer into having a career as an author.  Is it easy?  No.  But it is a whole lot easier if you start with a bestselling book under your belt.  What if you are already an author with published works?  No problem, I wrote several books prior to having a bestseller.  The changes for me happened with my first bestseller, which was my chapter in “Ready Aim Inspire”, launched.  The real growth came with my second bestseller “Real Hope for the Unemployed”.

Becoming a bestselling author takes effort but it can move your writing career off dead center and move you into the very top echelon of professional authors.

by WL Laney

adminThe real advantage of writing a bestseller!

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