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A Professional Scissors Sharpener – must have the right scissors sharpening machine!

The truth about scissors sharpening machines is really quite simple…

You need a sharpening machine that will match the requirement of the scissors you plan to sharpen.

Not all scissors are created equal and even more important, not all scissors sharpening machines are created equal. Looking at the problem of sharpening logically is the place to start.

  • What is needed for the specific tool you intend to sharpen?
  • What kind of edge is on the blade?

Typical grinder If you try to sharpen a convex edge on a grinder,Convex cutting edge on Japanese style scissorsbevel edge on fabric scissors you will destroy the edge on the scissors because a grinder by design can only create a concave (bevel) edge.  There is no other possibility.
You can put any kind of name on it you want, the fact remains a grinder with a convex wheel cannot create a convex edge on the scissors blade.  End of story.
On the other hand, a “flat hone scissors sharpening machine” will straighten the radius.  You can find a wide variety of flat hone machines ranging in price from a low of a few thousand dollars to $20,000 or more.  Rapid Edge Every body has a pitch about how theirs is the best.  That is understandable we all want to sell our products.  As the consumer, you need to do your own analysis.

  • Does the machine give you the option of matching the convex edge?
  • Does the machine give you the opportunity to match the 800 millimeter radius?
  • What is the length and quality of the training?<br< li=””>

copy of scissors sharpening machine Please look at the facts and not the ravings of manufacturers trying to sell their product and to convince you, the innocent buyer, their machine will do the impossible!
I recently came across a blog written by a company that tried to copy my patented machine.  Failing to accomplish that, they spend much of their time and efforts warning you against purchasing the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine.
I quote “Never buy from someone harping on the 800 millimeter radius.”    Now why would this gentleman say such a thing? Perhaps…

  • He failed in his attempt to copy the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening  machine without violating my patent.
  • He is trying to sell his inferior product that cannot match the 800 millimeter radius.

800 millimeter radius

What is the big deal about the 800 millimeter radius?

Most of the stylists are using a Japanese style shear which has both a convex edge and an 800 millimeter radius.  If you cannot match those two important components, you cannot satisfactorily sharpen the blade!
If you are considering the potential of being a “professional scissors sharpener”, doesn’t it make sense to purchase a scissors sharpening machine that will allow you to do the best job possible?  Straightening the radius on the stylist’s haircutting shears causes it to “push” the hair.  This adds to the time it takes to do the cut – adding fatigue at the end of the day and causing a loss of income because of the additional time spent on every haircut. I rather doubt you would go to a dentist whose tools were designed for wood working.  After all we stopped using wood to make false teeth hundreds of years ago.
The blogger went on to say beware of anyone offering financing for your purchase of a quality scissors sharpening machine.  Am I to be viewed as a villain for trying to help people get started in the very lucrative scissors sharpening and sales business?
Well enough of that.  I think it is pretty easy to see that there are people unable to build a machine without violating my patent who will go to any length trying to keep you from a sharpening machine which can do the job in a professional manner!
If you can only afford a grinder, buy it but restrict your use of it to the scissors that it was designed to sharpen.  The most popular is the “Twice as Sharp” by Wolfe Industries.  scissors sharpener - Foley BelsawIt is by the way, an almost exact copy of the Foley-Belsaw scissors sharpener which was popular fifty years ago.  The technology is the same, only the housing around the motor is different.
ScissorsThis kind of scissors sharpening machine is great for scissors that have a bevel edge.  That means it works great for any kind of fabric scissors and the old style German scissors with a bevel edge.  The ones you will find in dog grooming salons, tailor shops, alterations shops, upholstery shops, tent makers, saddle makers and florist stores.
Perhaps a good game plan for you is to start with a grinder, work the bevel edge scissors market until you can afford to purchase a sharpening machine designed for the hair cutting scissors.  Or, find someone who will offer you financing for a quality machine like the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine.  Oh wait, it is protected by a patent.  No other machine can do the job without damaging the blade on the Japanese style hair cutting scissors.
So you see, we have come full circle.  You have to choose the machine designed for the scissors you expect to sharpen.  If you want to repair autos, you will need mechanical tools.  If you want to build furniture, you will need wood working tools.  If you want to do leather work, you will need leather stamping tools If you want to work in the beauty salons and barbershops, you need the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System- get the picture?
Scissors Sharpening Machine by Diamond Rose ShearsI make no apology for the fact that my patented machine is the only choice you have for matching the factory specifications on hair styling scissors.
I have done everything I can to make it affordable.
I present a training program second to none and I will help you get started with your own very lucrative scissors sharpening and sales business.

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