The Secret Power of Your Story

Have you discovered the secret power of your story? Please don’t miss untold opportunities because you are not telling your real story! If you are not telling your true story you may be missing huge opportunities to get your message to and accepted by your target audience.  Don’t let three common hidden fears rob you and your target audience.

Fear number one – embarrassment – Many people are embarrassed to tell their real story.  They are afraid they will lose respect in the eyes of their potential customers.  Actually the opposite is true.  When you open up the windows to your soul and share your inner secret struggles and how you overcame the demons of fear, self-doubt, inadequacy, bad decisions, personal failures and weaknesses you gain the respect of your target audience.

Fear number two – People won’t like me if I take off my “actors” mask.  Some of us have worn the actor’s mask for so long I am not sure we know who we really are. The actor’s mask allows us to be someone we are not.  We can pretend that everything is well when in reality our world is falling apart around our feet.  The actor’s mask lets us be the person we want to be when we know deep inside we are not the person we pretend to be.  In reality, if we worked as hard at being who we want to be instead of the play acting, we would shortly become that elusive person we admire and want to be. Fear number three –

The truth will come out and offend people.  Many people are afraid to tell the truth because they don’t want to offend others.  Lots of people wait until a family member passes away before they are willing to tell the true story of their childhood.  For others, it might be an ex-spouse they are afraid will contradict their story.  Others still are concerned about an estranged child, a college buddy or an ex-colleague.  Give that person a way out – explain it was not their fault you feel or felt a particular way.  The important thing is not to let fear stop you from telling your story.  The world needs to hear your story, and you are the only one who can tell it. Enjoy a new sense of freedom by telling your story.  In a way it is like the criminal who confesses to the crime for one of the following reasons:

Guilt (for what they did years ago or recently or both)

Remorse (For what they did)

Closure (To seek help to get the demons out of their mind)

Seeking help (To find out why they have done these acts)

Perhaps it works the same for us – there is a high likelihood that we somehow feel guilty (thinking it was our fault) for what happened.  Certainly we are sorry for what happened.  There is a sense of closure when we tell the story – get it all out in the open – so we can stop pretending all is well and always has been well.  Who gets the most help from our story?  I think a lot of the time it is the storyteller who gets the biggest benefit.

Leena Pekkalainen said “When you actively work on your own happiness and role in this world, people will remember you as one who led a good life, and will use you as an example. By fulfilling your own dreams you have not only taken – you have given back.

People remember those who make them feel good. And not only make them feel good- but also teach them how they can make themselves feel good.

 This is the essence of telling your story.  You can help people.  Some will just feel better about themselves, some will avoid some serious pitfalls, and others will learn to apply your success secrets in their lives.  And all because you were willing to tell your story. Begin today.  Call WL Laney at 1-855-574-HOPE (4673) and ask about the American Hope “Tell Your Story” success package.

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