Help Business Owners Build their Business with an Edumercial

What is an Edumercial?

As it sounds - Education and Commercial combined.
Harbinger Interactive Learning describes it this way -

"Edumercial" is an innovative instructional approach that brings the benefits of television commercials (TVCs) into the learning experience. Through compelling and engaging audio, imagery, animation, and interactivity, the learning experience gets super enhanced to enable higher engagement and instant recall and application."

59% of executives prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading data. Research claims one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. 75% of executives watch at least one work-related video each week. At American Hope Success we tap into these amazing statistics with our "Edumercial." Our approach captures both the education and commercial segments with a twenty-minute interview on American Hope Talk Radio.

The interview with host, WL Laney is captured on video, edited and converted into a unique marketing tool. In the interview questions are asked allowing you to make a sales presentation that does not sound like the typical corporate sales pitch. Rather, it is an education in what you and your company can do for your customer/client.

We post your video on the American Hope Radio website, and YouTube. You can also use it on your corporate website and any social media site you choose.

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We provide an outline to prepare you for the interview allowing adequate time to get your thoughts together so you can put your best foot forward without any surprises. Well, not many surprises, WL does like to throw in a zinger once in a while to get you, and your audience relaxed and comfortable with your product and or services.

An informal conversation is a major strength of the Edumercial. Your customer gets to know you and sees you as a friend. You will seem more real, someone they can trust with their purchase decisions.

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