Happy Grapefruit Day

February is National Grapefruit Month.

How long have you lived without knowing as a nation we celebrate grapefruit in February?

For me, it has been seventy years. Of course the first few years don’t count because I was too young. My teenage years don’t count because – well, I was a teenager. My early twenties and thirties don’t count because I was really pretty busy raising young children and trying to make a living. And now that I think about it my forties and fifties can’t be counted because I was still very busy. You know kids in high school and college.

Then the sixties crept up on me – it takes time you know to make sure that everything is set for retirement. Now that I am seventy I at last have time to think about the fact we celebrate the grapefruit!

We get to do the whole month of February. Oh I know February is the shortest month. It doesn’t even have thirty days. But none the less we have an entire month to celebrate the grapefruit. But, why? What did the grapefruit ever do for me, you or anyone else for that matter?

Was it the impetus for sweet and sour Chinese food or smart tarts? That question came to my mind because I eat grapefruit with a lot of sugar poured on top.

Has life been like a grapefruit? Have you chased the beautiful dream – grapefruit does have a beautiful desirable look in the bowl. Wow, does it cause a pucker when you bite into it! Have some of your dreams turned out sour? If so, this is the month to celebrate!

Celebrate the sour moments of our lives? Is that possible? Yes, I believe it is. That is when we have seen the most growth – when things went wrong. You finally put aside a nice retirement nest egg and the stock market took a dive. You bought your dream home and the housing market crashed. You finally got the kids out of the house just in time to have your parents move in. And now they want me to celebrate all of February over grapefruit?

Yes, remember you are alive! Today can be the first day of the rest of your life. There is sugar to put on your grapefruit. The Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System can give you a new way of earning money. There are lots of other opportunities instead of becoming a Wal Mart greeter, you just have to look for them. So stop focusing on the sour side of life. Put some sugar or stevia on your grapefruit. It will go down with a big smile.

Happy grapefruit month!

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