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Bring "Real Hope"
to the Owners of Start-up Companies

There is hope for the 80% of startups that statistically are doomed to failure!

We use the 80% failure rate because it is morer conservative than the 90% number currently being quoted by a multitude of sources

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In addition to the training, we provide the tools you need!

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

Our proven success programs come from the 50 year business experience of our founder.

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Your Passion is our Satisfaction.

You will Learn How to start a business

The Phoenix Success Strategy copy

You will Learn How to grow a business

Grow Your Business to Extreme Wealth

You will Learn How to Buy and Sell Businesses

How to Buy and Sell Businesses

Business is a tool Learn the process - start - grow- sell

Your Qualifications

1. Confidence in your abilities
2. Humility - (not arrogant)
3. Good listener
4. Team player
5. Communication skills
6. Knowledgeable (We will train)
7.Trustworthy (Earn client's trust)

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