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Invite WL Laney to be the keynote speaker your next event.  Mr. Laney has more than dozen years of public speaking experience.  As host of American Hope Talk Radio he interviews many of the best authors, speakers and life coaches in America.  Their topics run the full gamut of self-help, business growth techniques and other success strategies keeping WL on top of the latest and greatest ideas being talked about across the country and around the world.

Each presentation can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs.  WL’s forty plus years of business experience both as an entrepreneur and as a mergers and acquisitions consultant has provided a broad wealth of experience not realized by many people in today’s corporate world.

WL Laney 2013

Mr. Laney will treat your event with respect regardless of the number of people attending. Your attendees are guaranteed to respond as WL tells his personal stories of success and how he recovered from failure. Born to alcoholic parents, raised by an abusive stepfather until he left home at the age of fifteen to finish high school on his own, he learned how to prosper under the worst of circumstances.

Then when life took a horrific turn causing the loss of his dream home at the age of 59, his story of recovery as told in his book “The Phoenix Success Strategy” will encourage your audience to have confidence in the face of any adversity.

WL is an Experienced Talk-Show Host and Guest

WL at The American Hope Radio Network

Radio and TV talk show hosts appreciate the fact that WL Laney is an experienced talk show host.  Never worry about a dull or boring session when you book WL to tell his story and thrill your audience.  His favorite topics are Self-Help, Business Start-ups, Unemployment and most of the social issues our nation is facing today.

Last minute scheduling is fine and can be accommodated most of the time.  Please be aware he resides in Mountain Time, so a 5:00 am Eastern Time will be more difficult.  

If not available for your time slot, WL can probably refer a great substitute from his data base of guests who have appeared on American Hope Talk Radio.

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