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“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to our door,” is pure nonsense.

If the world has never heard of you or your mousetrap that will be the end of the story. You will sit on your porch enjoying the view of your beautiful mousetrap.

Tell Your Story is a book about free advertising. You will discover how you can establish yourself as the industry expert by writing your book. As a published author you will receive speaking invitations where you can build rapport with prospective new customers.

You can also book interview slots on radio and TV with your new position as a published author. Calculate the value of a fifteen (average) length of a radio interview against the station’s ad rate for a 30-second spot in the same time range. Typically you will discover the time alone is worth thousands of dollars.

The actual value of the interview is significantly higher as you can connect with the listener far better than the possibility of a 30-second commercial spot that is vying for attention along with dozens of other ads.

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